University of SHUMEN / DIQLL in VARNA

Shumen University is one of the five classical universities in Bulgaria which provides education in the field of humanities, natural sciences, computer technologies, technical sciences, social sciences and education. At present it offers more than a hundred bachelor, master and doctoral programmes in various fields of study. The university has participated in a number of national and international projects financed through different programmes, such as Erasmus, Comenuis, Grundtvig, 7th Framework Programme, Tempus, etc.

The Department for Information, Qualification and Life-Long Learning (DIQLL) in Varna offers various teacher training, language and ICT courses in compliance with the Lifelong Learning priorities and requirements outlined by the Bologna Process and the Europe 2020 Strategy for Education and Training. Certifying and providing teaching and education staff with professional qualification degrees is one of the key responsibilities of the Department. Every academic year the Department trains about 5000 pre-service and in-service teachers, school directors, educational advisors, educators and experts from the Ministry of Education and Science. The Department works with key agents form all levels of the educational system in Bulgaria – from teacher-trainees to Ministry experts, which makes it possible to directly affect the educational process by introducing modern and innovative teaching ideas, methodologies and techniques. In 2014-2017, Shumen was a partner in the Schools: Future Labs project.Team members: Ivanka Kamburova-Milanova, Irina Ivanova


Assoc.Prof. PhD Ivanka Kamburova-Milanova

PhD, is an Associate Professor  in Methodology of foreign language teaching at the SHU University and a teacher trainer at the  Department of Information, Qualification and Lifelong Learning – Varna (DIQLL-Varna).

She has organized and conducted  lots of  courses for pre-service and in-service teacher training and qualification, professional  development and certification. As researcher she works in the field of teacher education, early language learning,  lifelong  learning,  intercultural communication and linguistics.

In this respect she has participated in many national and European projects as CEEPUS, COMENIUS, ERASMUS

Assist. Prof. Irina Ivanova

PhD,  is a senior lecturer in ELT Methodology and a teacher trainer at the Department of English Studies in Shumen University, Bulgaria. 

She has had extensive experience as a teacher and mentor in both state and private language schools. She is also involved in in-service teacher training, continuing professional development and certification at the Department for Information, Qualification and Lifelong Learning in Varna. 

As a researcher she has worked on national and European projects in the field of teacher education, lifelong learning, quality assurance and standards for evaluation.