International School Uwekind

International School Uwekind is licensed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education, Youth and Science and covers all key stages in education: Kindergarten with 3 groups of children from 2 to 5 years, Primary School from pre-school class to 4th grade, Middle School 5th -7th grade, High School – 8th -12th grade

International School Uwekind provides education in all subject areas and subjects according to the programs of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science. The School offers higher level learning of two foreign languages – English and German. certificates: Preschool class, Elementary School, Middle School, High School. The school has a tradition in the certification of knowledge and skills in the German language. The education cycle is complemented by an in-house developed Outdoor Program.

The school and the kindergarten educate about 310 children and instruction is provided by a team of more than 60 highly-qualified teachers.

International School Uwekind follows the newest trends in the world of education and uses the most modern methods in teaching.

We provide education in IPC (International Primary Curriculum). It focuses on creativity and on teaching form that requires the active involvement of pupils. It takes the normal school subjects as its starting point and aim at strengthening the pupil’s self-esteem, communicative skills, ability to understand the surrounding world, and competence to act.

Uwekind is a member of IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization) authorized in MYP and Diploma. The mission of our school is to create and inspire balanced, responsible global citizens, who are independent thinkers with a passion for learning. We are committed to provide a supportive and enabling learning environment in which all members of the community are challenged to achieve their individual potential.

For three years Uwekind has been participating in “Schools: Future Labs” project. It gave us an opportunity to develop and test a teaching methodology based on Action Research, involving task-based exploration of STEM subject in combination with Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). This methodology is student-led, self-directed and includes project planning and implementation skills: all essential to the development of entrepreneurship.


Elena Trifonova

Elena is a project coordinator and has more than 25 years of experience in the field of education. She works as a speech and language therapist at Uwekind. She speaks english very good and has a master degree in psychology and special education

Gergana Yordanova

Gergana did her Bachelor degree in Special Pedagogy- Hearing speech Rehabilitation for deaf children and her Master degree in Primary pedagogy.  She has been working as a kindergarten, preschool and primary school teacher for five years. She is currently teaching in second grade.

She speaks English well and is a beginner in German.

Galina Kirkova

Galina has a Bachelor degree in primary and preschool pedagogy and two Master degrees in early foreign language teaching in primary school and in management of socio-pedagogical activities. She has been working as a kindergarten and primary school teacher for seven years and is currently teaching in third grade.

She speaks english well.