The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship (FFE)


Anders Rasmussen

Anders Rasmussen is the Head of primary and secondary education operations.

He obtained his teacher Bachelor 1993 in Jelling Statsseminarium, and his MA in educational sociology 2013, in Aarhus University.

He has been responsible for a broad range of tasks as team leader for primary and secondary education, from development of pedagogy, programs and didactics, to teacher training for in-service teachers at all levels of education. He has also been responsible for the basic theoretical foundation in FFE.

He is a former teacher and principal, and has been involved in many projects on entrepreneurship education. He has taught secondary school students and has provided training to many in-service teachers also at international level.

He has experience of giving presentations at international conferences, of contacts with schools, principals and teachers, and of managing complex Projects.

Peter Rasmussen

Peter Rasmussen is a project manager. He obtained his teacher Bachelor 1994. Peter is responsible for teacher activities in FFE, and is an experienced provider of teacher training, teaching materials, and programs. Peter has worked with various European Projects for several years and has been involved in international activities such as eTwinning.