Ellinogermaniki Agogi


Thomas Fischer

Thomas Fischer holds a Masters Degree (Hons) in Psychology from Friedrich-Alexander-University (FAU) Erlangen-Nürnberg and received an extensive training in Behavioural Psychotherapy from the Centre for Integrative Psychotherapy (CIP) at the Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg in Germany. Before he joined Ellinogermaniki Agogi (EA) he was for more than 15 years (partly tele-)working as an Educational Psychologist and Coordinating Senior Researcher at the Institute for Learning Innovation (ILI) at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg. During this time he was for many years hosted by the Lambrakis Research Foundation (LRF) in Greece and then founded his own company ‘level’ focusing on European Research, Development, Consulting and Collaboration. He is for more than 20 years active in the fields of Technology Enhanced Learning & Teaching, Lifelong Learning, Intergenerational Learning, Social and Digital Inclusion, Educational Transitions and Prospective Studies in Education & Training (E&T). His experience includes research, development, management and evaluation in more than 40 Research & Development (R&D) projects e.g. under Horizon 2020; Erasmus+; 5th, 6th and 7th Framework Programme; Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP); eLearning Action Plan; Joint Research Centres( JRC) and other Programmes and Initiatives of the European Commission as well as within international and national projects. He is a chair and speaker at international, European and national conferences, reviewer of two international journals and a Fellow of the European Distance and E-Learning Network (EDEN).

Maria Iatridi

Maria Iatridi was born in Athens in 1989. At the age of 17 her fiction manuscript received the first award in an international context for underage writers, followed by a scholarship award to study journalism. In 2011 she received her second Bachelor degree in ‘Pedagogy’ from the Department of Primary Education of the University of Athens. A few years later, she attended a master level course in ‘Teaching History’. Maria worked in the media until 2012, when she was employed by the Ellinogermaniki Agogi School of Athens. Alongside her teaching responsibilities, she has also developed the primary school learning material for the History module. At her spare time, Maria likes playing dramatic roles in the theatre and writing. Her first poetry collection, “Χαράζοντας τα σύννεφα”, has been published by Pnoi.

Tania Travlou

Tania Travlou has a Bachelors degree in German language from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. During her studies there, she spent six months abroad at Universität zu Köln through the Erasmus program. She grew up in a bilingual environment, since her mother is German and her father is Greek. Since 2015 she teaches German in the Primary School of Ellinogermaniki Agogi. Outside of work, she loves theater and has been a member of numerous theatrical groups. Naturally, theater is an element that she enjoys incorporating in her classes.

Rita Stiedl

Rita-Maria Stiedl is a Greek-Austrian teacher who holds a Bachelor degree in German Literature. In addition she participates in further educational programs or seminars, for instance the DLL program at the Goethe Institut in Athens. She has been working as a teacher since 2009 and has been teaching pupils, students and adults. Since 2015, she has been working at Ellinogermaniki Agogi in the primary School. She speaks Greek, German and English. In her leisure time, she  likes music, art and drama, which she’s also integrated into her lessons. She is interested in modern and alternative methods in order to offer intriguing and stimulating lessons for her pupils. She really loves teaching children.