The project in a nutshell

Cradle has developed a new teaching methodology for primary schools. Through four innovative outputs, the CRADLE teaching methodology uses a cross-curricular activity-based, student-centred, exploratory teaching and learning approach, focusing on the simultaneous development of foreign language and entrepreneurial skills among young pupils (aged 8-12). The implementation of CRADLE places studentsĀ“ interest, curiosity and sense of initiative at the centre of the learning process. It focuses on the intentional development of entrepreneurial skills, which at a basic level are life skills.

What we do

The online teacher training course trains primary school teachers to use the Cradle methodology in their classrooms. It teaches them how to use their foreign language knowledge by creating a foreign language environment. It also teaches them how to create and implement cross-curricular projects that support the learning of entrepreneurial skills in combination with the use of a foreign language

A set of tools is also available for teachers. Practical implementation recommendations support school leaders in their adoption of the methodology as a common practice in their schools and the mainstreaming strategy will guide organisations on how to mainstream innovative teaching methodologies in the primary school sector in multiple European countries.